Some parliamentarians have raised an outcry over footage circulated on social media that purport to show some members of the audience dancing while attending a concert by Iraqi singer Hossam Al Rassam at a function held recently in a hotel.Calling the dances a ‘depravity’, conservative lawmaker MP Mohammad Haif has urged the Minister of Information Mohammad Al Jabri “to take all deterrent and necessary measures to ensure such cheap dances would not be repeated.”

His colleague, MP Majed Al Muteiri added, “Such patterns of behavior are rejected by our conservative society.”The authorities have responded to criticism by vowing to conduct an inquiry over the dances deemed immoral. For his part, the Information Minister has formed a committee to investigate the incident.

“After the end of the investigation, we will take the legal procedures against anyone found to have committed a violation,” said the minister. “Generally, we do not accept any practices, which do not comply with our moral and social set-up,” he added.

In an initial step, the ministry ordered a three-month suspension of the license of the company that organized the concert.The ‘immoral and deprived dances’ should not have taken place in a ‘conservative’ country such as Kuwait, and the moral indignation of the lawmakers is fully understandable. One only wishes that such rectitude would also be expressed when human rights of foreigners are trampled in the country, and when domestic helpers are mistreated in Kuwait household.



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