Kuwaiti man arrested for visa trading and human trafficking

A 41-year-old Kuwaiti man has been arrested and referred to the Public Prosecution for bringing 106 workers to the country, after having them sold them work visas for a total exceeding KD150,000.

The new case of human trafficking came to light after the Director-General of the General Department of Residency Affairs received information that the citizen had falsified documents and exaggerated the estimated number of workers needed by his supplies company,

An investigation team from the Residency Affairs Department was then set up to inquire into the matter. The team discovered that the man had submitted a request to the Public Authority for Manpower after inflating the list of personnel needed by his company.

The investigators also found that though the company was a relatively small and had only six delivery vans, but the man had obtained permission to bring in 106 new workers. He allegedly then sold these work visas for a total sum exceeding KD150,000.

 The authorities have now closed the company’s file, but it was not clear what would happen to the 106 workers who each paid a large sum of money to work in a company with no jobs for them.

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