The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday welcomed the Presidential Statement issued by the United Nations Security Council regarding developments related to the search for the missing Kuwaitis and properties including the national archive.

The search is carried out by UNAMI, the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, in implementation of the UNSC Resolution 2107 of the year 2013. The statement was adopted by unanimity at the UNSC, in affirmation of the council keenness on undertaking its responsibility as to following up on this file to make tangible progress.

The ministry, in a statement today, expressed appreciation for the efforts that had been exerted by all stakeholders, affirming it would follow up on this sensitive file, continue to shed further light on this humanitarian cause and devote the necessary concern for it for it is among the national priorities of the State of Kuwait.

It affirmed determination to urge the UN and the international community to pursue the efforts and follow up on the remaining humanitarian issues for the State of Kuwait, also lauding the constructive cooperation on part of the Iraqi side in this regard.

Moreover, the ministry expressed aspiration for more constructive cooperation, on basis of the brotherly relations between the two countries.

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