The Embassy of the Republic of Poland and in collaboration with the Amber International Association (IAA), Poland organized the event “Baltic amber. Treasure from Poland” at the premises of the Embassy on Tuesday 07th November 2023.

The Exhibition was a great chance to showcase the exquisite beauty and cultural significance of amber, featuring a stunning collection of its Baltic amber jewellery, sculptures and rosaries, which also aimed to foster cultural deep-rooted relations between Poland and Kuwait.

The Charge d’Affaires of Poland to Kuwait, Mrs. Anna Marta Godoj-Ciszkowska expressed her enthusiasm about this exhibition, saying, “We are honored to bring Baltic Amber to Kuwait, showcasing the timeless beauty of amber and fostering cultural relations between Poland and Kuwait. This exhibition is not only a display of artistic brilliance but also an opportunity to strengthen cultural ties and appreciation for the rich heritage encapsulated in each amber piece.”

The opening ceremony, was attended by distinguished Kuwaiti friends and guests, diplomats, and art enthusiasts, who had the opportunity to mark the Baltic Amber’s multifaceted charm through the presentation „Baltic amber- the state of the art”given by professor Ewa Wagner-Wysiecka from Gdansk University of Technology and Mrs Małgorzata Siudak, Amber International Association Office Manager who provided presentation „International Amber Association- where science meets art”.

Profesor Ewa Wagner-Wysiecka – Baltic amber is extraordinary material known to people since time immemorial. There are no two identicial pieces of amber- such as different as each of us is.. On the other hand we are all more or less similar. Thus the amber is in my opinion a unique bridge connecting people.

Mrs Małgorzata Siudak– International Amber Association is a source of knowledge about Baltic amber since 1996 and our main goal is to promote Baltic amber globally. Thanks to the invitation from the Embassy of Poland in Kuwait we have organised unique exhibition showcasing Baltic amber throughout objects made by the IAA members. Baltic amber is a true treasure from Poland and we are delighted to present it to the Kuwaiti- who already have a long tradition of owning and collecting amber.

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