It’s too tiny yet named corona
No one knows whether a boy or girl
Born in China, with no surname
Being brought up to conquer the world

He became an invisible foe
He struck us dumb at our home
Please don’t come near me
He made me earnest for health

He made us lose our hopes
He made the world mad
Busy time for doctors and nurses
He is tiny but dangerous

Schools are closed, mouths are shut
Tents are opened, tears are shed
You locked us with no freedom
Silent villain, you can’t defeat us

You forcefully made us wear masks
You limited our social activities
You prevented us to breath fresh air
You nasty little tiny creature

Why are you disturbing our freedom of life?
How are you able to defeat us?
We will fight against you until we succeed
I am longing to fly away





Miriam Alphonsa George
Class 6, Indian Community School Junior, Salmiya

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