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New residency law proposes strict penalties for violators

The upcoming session of the National Assembly in Kuwait is set to discuss a new residency law, and one of its key provisions outlines stringent penalties for foreigners violating residency regulations. According to Article 27 of the proposed law, foreigners who enter Kuwait with the intention of visiting but overstay without obtaining the required residence permit may face imprisonment for one year. Additionally, violators may incur fines ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 dinars, or a combination of both penalties, reported Al-Rai Daily.

The proposed law aligns with existing regulations outlined in Article 11, which mandates that foreigners visiting Kuwait must depart within three months unless they secure a valid residence permit from the Ministry of Interior. Another provision, Article 31, specifies financial penalties for those violating Article 6, which requires parents to apply for a residence permit or grace period for a newborn within four months from birth.

If the new residency law is approved, it will strengthen measures against residency violations, aiming to maintain order and adherence to immigration regulations in Kuwait.

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