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New government gets down to business from day one

The governmental has wasted no time to move in a specific direction, focusing its efforts on the field to actualize the objectives outlined in the new government program and fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the citizens.

Following the conclusion of the inaugural government meeting last Thursday, the momentum was set in motion. Some ministers initiated communications and meetings over the weekend, while others embarked on field tours, reports Al-Rai daily.

In line with the Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed Al-Sabah’s announcement that one of the government’s top priorities is to present a forward-looking economic vision, ministers responsible for shaping the new economic identity and restructuring government entities were proactive in developing an action plan and delineating priorities.

According to reliable sources, officials from affiliated agencies and institutions have been tasked with preparing their visions for the upcoming phase. This includes defining goals, addressing challenges encountered in previous plans, and presenting strategies to overcome obstacles.

On the ground, the weekend witnessed visits by the Minister of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, Minister of State for Housing Affairs, Dr. Salem Al-Hajraf, and the Minister of Public Works, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Dr. Noura Al-Mishaan, to various sites to assess work progress and developments.

Sources within the Ministry of Electricity and Water reported that Minister Al-Hajraf initiated his responsibilities by inspecting the Doha West and East power stations to evaluate the ongoing work. The minister’s tour also encompassed a visit to the main control center, gaining insights into its role in managing the electrical network. During these visits, he engaged with officials and workers, gathering feedback and comments related to the work.

Meanwhile, Minister of Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Dr. Noura Al-Mishaan, conducted an inspection of the new airport project, reviewing the latest developments and closely monitoring the implementation on the ground. She also embarked on an inspection tour of southern areas, including Al-Wafra Residential Area, Sabah Al-Ahmad, and Ali Sabah Al-Salem, examining roads and ensuring general cleanliness.

These actions reflect the government’s commitment to swift and hands-on management, accelerating the completion of crucial projects and addressing the needs of the community.

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