NBK joins forces with LOYAC foundation in environmental volunteer initiatives

The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) has actively participated in the LOYAC Foundation’s environmental volunteer trips and the Green Volunteering and Green Path programs, aligning with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, particularly Goal 15 regarding life on land. This initiative is in line with NBK’s strategy of supporting and investing in society.

The volunteer trips included visits to the Sulaibiya Agricultural Farms and Al Wafra, with the involvement of approximately 74 volunteers aged between 14 and 28 years. These trips are part of NBK’s commitment to supporting LOYAC’s events and activities through a strategic partnership aimed at achieving societal goals related to the environment, youth empowerment, and other significant societal pillars, reports Al-Jarida daily.

During these trips, volunteers engaged in various sustainable agricultural activities, such as planting and maintaining farms and greenhouses, applying sustainable agricultural principles, and utilizing available tools and techniques to ensure healthy soil and crop growth. They also participated in soil testing and analysis, tree planting, propagation of plants, and cultivation of seasonal vegetables. Moreover, volunteers were encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly practices and contribute positively to the team.

Joan Al-Abduljalil, Director of the Public Relations Department at NBK, emphasized the bank’s commitment to supporting youth by sponsoring purposeful educational and training programs. He highlighted the importance of such trips in encouraging young people to explore their future academic and practical options, providing them with valuable experiences and skills.

Al-Abduljalil underscored NBK’s ongoing support for LOYAC’s nonprofit activities aimed at empowering Kuwaiti youth and enhancing their volunteering experiences, particularly in environmental conservation efforts such as sustainable agriculture.

Furthermore, Al-Abduljalil noted that the trips successfully achieved their objectives by equipping young participants with essential knowledge and skills to contribute meaningfully to environmental conservation. Through programs like Green Volunteering and the Green Path, volunteers learned about the principles of sustainable agriculture, its harmony with natural energy sources, and environmentally friendly farming methods.

As part of its commitment to social responsibility, NBK continues to support various segments of society and nonprofit institutions, particularly those catering to youth, to ensure a better future for all. LOYAC’s mission, on the other hand, focuses on providing training opportunities and development programs to empower young people and engage them in community initiatives.

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