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Nasser Al Sheikh inspires young entrepreneurs towards success

The Acting Director General of the Youth Authority emphasizes nurturing entrepreneurial youth for excellence through programs fostering talent, creativity, innovation, and leadership.

The State of Kuwait celebrates Kuwaiti Youth Day on March 13th each year with great care and attention from the state, as they constitute the largest segment of society. This focus has enabled Kuwaiti youth to achieve significant advancements on the global youth development index.

The General Youth Authority, in all its seasons, approves the establishment of various programs and activities for youth. These are held every year within the National Youth Policy and encompass numerous inspiring fields aimed at developing and enhancing youth skills.

On this occasion, the Acting Director General of the Public Authority for Youth, Nasser Al-Sheikh, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that nurturing entrepreneurial youth, propelling them forward, and motivating them to achieve their best accomplishments as future leaders are at the core of the authority’s mission. This is accomplished by organizing programs and activities that refine their talents and provide opportunities for creativity, innovation, and leadership.

Sheikh explained that the programs are held in youth centers spread across the six governorates of the country, including “Future Leaders,” “Academy of Arts and Media,” “Valley of Youth,” “Digital Programming,” “Emkan Digital Platform,” “Mongez,” “Our Initiative,” and “Creativity League.” Additionally, there are programs such as “Ayadina Portal for Volunteer Work,” “Professional Entrepreneur,” and “Work Makers,” along with craft courses, sports activities, and summer programs and activities.

He added that these programs have enabled many Kuwaiti youth to achieve success in international competitions. For example, the Kuwaiti school debate team won first place in the Sixth International School Debate Championship in the Arabic language, held in the Qatari capital, Doha. Additionally, many Kuwaiti youth have secured first place in several private international competitions.

He stated that these programs, especially the “Work Makers,” “Minjaz,” and “Our Initiatives” programs, were significant catalysts for Kuwaiti youth to establish their own businesses and launch small projects. They gained valuable experiences through participating in these programs. Additionally, many of them discovered their talents, which opened up avenues for excellence and creativity.

Sheikh said that the authority launched the sixth edition of the Kuwait Award for Youth Excellence and Creativity in eight different fields about two weeks ago. The aim is to support hardworking youth. He called on all young people to benefit from these selected programs in order to achieve personal growth, each according to their specialization, hobbies, and desires.

He stressed that with the continuous support of the Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs, Minister of State for Youth Affairs, and Minister of State for Communications Affairs, Daoud Marafi, the authority will continue its efforts to empower Kuwaiti youth and maximize the benefits through various programs aimed at them.

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