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Municipality declines request to build wedding hall in West Sulaibikhat

The municipality has declined to designate land in the northwest region of Sulaibikhat for the establishment of a hall for social activities, saying a place has already been designated for this purpose.

Eng. Saud Al-Dabbous, the Director General of the Municipality, stated that in response to the General Secretariat of the Municipal Council’s letter. The request sought a detailed study of a proposal by Municipal Council member Abdullah Al-Anzi to allocate land in the western Sulaibikhat region for a versatile social hall.

Upon consulting the Public Authority for Housing Welfare regarding the aforementioned proposal, it was revealed that there is already a designated site for a wedding hall in the northwest Sulaibikhat area.

It is noteworthy that Al-Anzi’s proposal referenced Kuwait Municipality Law No. 33 of 2016, particularly Article No. 21, Clause No. 10, which empowers the Municipal Council to determine area plans, land uses, and organize various zones in accordance with the state’s general structural plan.

Emphasizing the need for a versatile social hall in the northwest Sulaibikhat area, similar to those available in other regions, Al-Anzi proposed the allocation of land in the northwest Sulaibikhat area for the creation of a multi-purpose social hall, encompassing all necessary services, including parking and various amenities.

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