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Municipal Council announces vacancies, calls for by-elections in sixth and ninth districts

Counselor Hussein Al-Ajmi, the Director of the Legal Department, clarified that elections under Law 33 of 2016 must occur within 30 days of vacancy announcement.

Abdullah Al-Mahri, the Municipal Council President, announced the council’s approval of the official vacancy in the sixth district’s seat, which covers Khaitan, Abraq Khaitan, Al-Farwaniyah, and Al-Firdous areas. This decision followed a review of the Ministry of Interior’s letter, indicating a council member’s candidacy for the 2024 parliamentary elections.

Al-Mahri also announced during the ongoing main session that the seat of member Nasser Hammad Al-Kafif in the ninth district, which encompasses the areas of Al-Wafra, Hadiya, Abu Halifa, Fintas, Mahboula, Al-Funaitees, Al-Masila, Sabah Al-Salem suburb, Al-Aqila, Umm Al-Hayman, Al-Raqqa, Al-Dhahr, Al-Zour, Al-Ahmadi, and Al-Maqwa, is vacant. This decision came after reviewing the letter from the Minister of Public Works and the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs regarding the ruling issued against him.

Counselor Hussein Al-Ajmi, the Director of the Legal Department, clarified that Article 13 of Law 33 of 2016 addresses the issue of election dates, stating that elections must occur within 30 days of announcing the vacancy. He noted that the elections will proceed after the minister approves the council’s decision.

Municipality overrides minister’s refusal on Salmiya plots valuation

The Municipal Council decided to activate Article 25 despite objections from Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan, Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, regarding the approval of a proposal to transfer the use and ownership of some residential plots in plots 12, 66, 80, and 227 in the Salmiya area. Ten out of 14 members approved the proposal.

Nasser Al-Azmi, the Municipal Council member stated, “The Salmiya area is one of Kuwait’s showcases, but citizens have abandoned it due to several plots being surrounded by commercial complexes, investment buildings, and single-person apartments.”

He emphasized that residents of the plots needing valuation and conversion into investment or alternative uses face numerous issues. It was highlighted that not all citizens can afford to leave their homes and relocate to other areas.

Engineer Ismail Behbehani, a member, expressed surprise at the executive body’s prior approval of three plots and the subsequent change in opinion, questioning the municipality’s coordination on this matter.

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