MOI suspends decision allowing status amendment for residency violators before 2020

In a recent development, the Ministry of Interior has announced the suspension of a decision that allowed expatriates who violated residency laws before 2020 to pay their fines and amend their status. The decision, which was issued just last week, has been put on hold, indicating a potential shift in the approach towards expatriate residency violators.

A reliable security source confirmed to local newspaper Al-Rai that the Ministry of Interior remains committed to its plan of expelling residency violators from the country, as it has been the case in the past. The source emphasized that security campaigns to address residency violations will continue vigorously and enforce the law accordingly. The now-suspended decision aimed to cancel Resolution No. 288, which was implemented in 2020 during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This resolution outlined the procedures for the deportation of foreigners without valid residence permits or whose permits had expired. It also allowed for the amendment of the status of violators who entered the country after January 3, 2020. However, with the latest suspension, the fate of expatriates who violated residency laws prior to 2020 remains uncertain. The move suggests a potential recalibration of policies aimed at dealing with residency violators, possibly indicating a stricter approach in the future.

The Ministry of Interior’s decision to temporarily halt the implementation of the status amendment process raises questions about the government’s strategy for handling residency issues. While it remains unclear what measures will be put in place instead, the move signifies a commitment to reinforcing law and order and ensuring the integrity of the country’s residency system.

Kuwait has been actively addressing residency violations through various security campaigns and stricter enforcement. This recent suspension could indicate a renewed emphasis on upholding residency regulations and may prompt authorities to devise alternative methods to tackle the long-standing issue of violators. As the situation continues to develop, it is essential for expatriates and residents to stay updated on any potential changes in residency rules and regulations to avoid any unintended violations.

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