MoI introduces new electronic services through “Sahel” App

The Ministry of Interior has recently introduced two new services via the unified government application for electronic services, known as “Sahl”. These services aim to enhance convenience for citizens and improve efficiency within government processes. The first service allows individuals to obtain a report on their entry and exit movements within the port security sector, reported Al-Jarida Daily.

This report is often required when applying for certain government services. However, it is important to note that if specific dates are requested for entry and exit movements, users should consult the central administration for further instructions. The second service enables individuals to inquire about any outstanding debts before traveling.

This is particularly useful for residents who wish to know the financial obligations they need to settle before heading to the airport. By providing this information, the Ministry hopes to assist travelers in planning accordingly and avoiding any complications during their journey. The Ministry of Interior emphasized its commitment to continually introducing electronic services through the Sahl Government application.

This aligns with the ongoing technical and technological advancements witnessed within the security establishment sectors. By utilizing these digital platforms, the Ministry aims to optimize time and effort for users, streamlining processes and improving the overall user experience.

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