MoH reports positive impact of electronic medical system

A report conducted by a committee within the Ministry of Health has confirmed the numerous benefits and positive outcomes resulting from the recent implementation of an electronic medical system. The system, which was approved by Minister Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadhi, has shown significant improvements, including a reduction in assault crimes against physicians and a decrease in the total number of visitors compared to previous years.

According to the committee’s report obtained by Al-Qabas, the electronic medical system has played a crucial role in enhancing the quality of work and reducing waiting times at healthcare centers. This has resulted in a lighter workload for both medical service providers and patients, ultimately leading to an increase in patient satisfaction. The report further states that the system has successfully contributed to minimizing overcrowding at healthcare facilities, particularly for non-patients.

Additionally, it has helped in reducing unnecessary waiting times and optimizing the prescription of medications. One of the most significant advantages highlighted in the report is the time-saving aspect for doctors, receptionists, and patients. By reducing overcrowding and unnecessary visits, the electronic medical system has alleviated the burden on healthcare professionals and facilitated a smoother experience for patients.

Furthermore, the report notes that the system has aided in combating the spread of diseases, particularly respiratory illnesses. It has also played a vital role in preventing attacks on medical staff, simplifying the process of obtaining sick leave without physically visiting the center, and creating a more organized patient flow. The electronic medical system has also proven effective in distinguishing patients in need of immediate care and deterring individuals from seeking medical services for non-genuine reasons.

Additionally, it has helped address the challenge of staffing shortages among doctors, nurses, and administrators during evening shifts. The system has demonstrated its effectiveness in expediting administrative processes, with the “Sahl” application playing a crucial role in accelerating sick leave procedures. Ultimately, this contributes to an enhanced efficiency in health management.

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