MoH launches blood donation campaign “Kuwait’s in my blood”

The Ministry of Health’s blood transfusion services management launched the blood donation campaign “Kuwait’s in my blood,” Sunday, under the auspices of Minister of Health Dr. Ahmad Al-Awadhi in the Kuwait Central Blood Bank.

The blood donation campaign is in celebration of Kuwait’s National and Liberation days, and will last until February 29.

The blood transfusion services department chief Dr. Reem Al-Radhwan, in a statement to KUNA, said the campaign was in its eighth consecutive year, promoting selflessness to all those living in Kuwait.

She emphasized that donating blood is not only a humanitarian duty, but also a patriotic one.Souvenirs will be given to all those who donate in gratitude for their action, and in commemoration of Kuwait’s national holidays, she added.

Dr. Al-Radhwan noted the services department constantly organizes blood donation campaigns in both governmental and private sectors to enrich and provide the healthcare system with copious amounts of blood and its transferable components.

It is worthy to note that the overall units of donated blood in 2023 went over 93,000 units with a significant five percent increase from 2022. She explained this increase exceeded expectations, with the blood transfusion services department aiming to reach an additional three percent more. Annual Blood donation campaigns make up approximately 24 percent of overall causes of donations, which is a considerable increase from previous years at 15 percent, Dr. Al-Radhwan said.

The noteworthy increase of donations in 2023 was from providing more blood donation service locations such as Al-Adan Hospital, Jahra Hospital, as well as Farwaniya Hospital, with the intention of offering more donation sites in the future. Dr. Al-Radhwan called on Kuwaiti citizens and residents to participate in donating blood, especially people with negative blood types, in order to save lives. Donation sites are available throughout the month, and throughout weekends and national holidays.

Source: KUNA

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