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Kuwait plans to raise rental fees for public school spaces

The Ministry of Education is actively assessing the potential value of utilizing vacant buildings, educational spaces, classrooms, playgrounds, and cafeterias.

The Ministry of Education is planning a new regulation to increase rental fees for public schools and determine the value of exploiting vacant buildings, educational rooms, classrooms, playgrounds, and cafeterias.

An educational source revealed to Al-Rai newspaper that the new regulations are still being studied. After their approval, they will be submitted to Dr Adel Al-Adwani, the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, for final approval.

He explained that in some cases, the annual rent amounts to 300 thousand dinars per school, noting that there are 45 government schools currently used as headquarters for private schools under temporary administrative licenses, which are renewed according to the ministrys future needs.

The source outlined four distinct methods for private schools to utilize buildings:

1 – Private schools utilize buildings owned by licensees.

2 – Private schools lease buildings from individuals or companies for their operations.

3 – Private schools lease buildings from the Ministry of Finance, situated on public state property, using a BOT lease contract system, the revenues of which are collected through the Ministry of Finance.

4 – Private schools repurpose vacant government school buildings allocated under temporary exploitation licenses for educational purposes, collecting exploitation fees within the Ministry of Education’s revenues.

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