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Ministry uses strategic reserve to restore power, water in Salmiya

As water consumption rises due to maintenance, the Ministry of Electricity and Water taps into reserves. Last week saw a difference of 43 million gallons.

While consumption rates from water production continue to rise due to the presence of distillers out of service for maintenance, the Ministry of Electricity and Water is utilizing the strategic reserve. The difference last week reached about 43 million imperial gallons.

Sources revealed that fresh water consumption is distributed across various residential and investment sectors. Citizens represent 86.04% of the total freshwater customers, numbering 79,119 across different residential sectors. Investment housing accounts for 7.60% of freshwater customers, while commercial housing ranks third with a percentage of 4.35%.

Other types of housing, including cabins and chalets, represent 1.11%, followed by industrial housing at 0.41%, agricultural at 0.32%, and government at 0.17%.

The sources explained that the total capacity of the fresh water distillation station units amounts to 682 million imperial gallons per day. This capacity is spread across station units ranging from 5 to 15 million imperial gallons per day for each unit and each station, according to the latest ministry statistics.

The sources pointed out that several distilleries are still under maintenance according to approved programs, which typically conclude at the beginning of the peak season.

In a separate context, the ministry announced the complete restoration of power to Blocks 5 and 6 in the Salmiya area after it was interrupted on Monday morning due to the departure of four sub-feeders from the main substation ‘Al-Ras M’ from service.

The ministry stated that the departure of these feeders from the station resulted in a power outage in limited areas of Blocks 5 and 6 in the Salmiya area.

They indicated that the ministry’s emergency teams promptly arrived at the site, carried out necessary repairs, and restored electrical power to the two blocks.

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