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Ministry of Interior arrests member of ruling family for growing Marijuana at home

The Ministry of Interior announced today that the General Directorate of Drug Control has arrested a member of the ruling family for growing marijuana at his home and three Asian nationals in possession of narcotics.

In a statement, the ministry stated that the following items were seized during the operation; 270 marijuana plants of different sizes, 5,130 kilograms of ready-to-use marijuana, 4,150 Captagon pills, 620 marijuana cigarettes, 50 grams of hashish, 21 grams of cocaine, 6 cans of marijuana oil, 27 grams of psychedelic mushrooms, 2 electronic marijuana cigarettes, 3 pieces of marijuana candy and 10 bottles of alcohol.

The ministry added that all necessary legal procedures are being taken to refer the defendants and the seized items to the Narcotics Prosecution, the competent authority, for appropriate action. The ministry reiterated its commitment to continuing its security efforts to apprehend anyone who trades or promotes narcotics, emphasizing that no one is above the law.

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