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Ministry of Health on high alert, ready for regional emergencies

The ministry has abundant stock of medicines and supplies, emergency plans for hospitals, and renewed blood supply for all types maintain public reassurance.

Sources informed Al Anbaa newspaper about the Ministry of Health’s and all its facilities’ readiness and preparedness for any potential emergency due to the current regional situation.

The sources stated that solid plans are in place across all health sectors to confront any emergency.

They reported an abundant strategic stock of medicines and medical supplies, reassuring citizens and residents not to worry as medicines are constantly being reinforced to avoid shortages.

The sources noted that the emergency plan for medicines involves supplying hospitals and specialized centers, which have dedicated teams for this purpose.
Regarding blood stock, sources explained that there is an emergency supply to meet needs, and it is periodically renewed to maintain the validity of all blood types. Additionally, there are emergency plans in place, including the preparation of additional rooms for donations.

The sources indicated that there is coordination with emergency agencies in the country to send liaison officers to the Civil Defense control room or the Ministry of Defense, as well as the decision-making, control, and follow-up room affiliated with the Emergency Committee of the Ministry of Health. These rooms are electronically connected “audio and video” with hospital accident departments.

The sources explained that the total number of ambulances in the State of Kuwait amounts to approximately 286 vehicles. They also mentioned that there is a sufficient number of technicians and paramedics to handle any emergency situation, God forbid.

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