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Ministry of Education taps retired experts to fill shortage of teachers

The ministry is considering enlisting retired Kuwaiti educators to maintain work progress, improve the educational process, and bolster national talent.

  • The relevant departments have finished preparing a report on involving retired staff members, specifying the necessary specializations where the skills of outgoing Kuwaiti teachers can be utilized.

The Ministry of Education aims to tap into Kuwaiti educational expertise by engaging retired staff members, including those referred for retirement in recent years, to address the shortage in schools.

Al-Rai newspaper has learned that the relevant departments have completed preparing a report regarding this matter, outlining the required specializations where the expertise of outgoing Kuwaiti teachers can be utilized.

Dr. Adel Al-Adwani, the Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, requested this study due to observed shortages in the numbers of teachers, particularly those specializing in scientific subjects.

Informed sources indicated that Al-Adwani requested speedy work and coordination with the Civil Service Commission to study the possibility of seeking assistance from Kuwaiti educational staff members whose services have ended for various reasons, including those referred for retirement, particularly in scientific specializations where there is a deficiency or deficit. This initiative aims to preserve the progress of the work, enhance the educational process, and support national cadres.

Al-Adwani also requested that appropriate controls be established in this regard, such as assessing the health fitness of the educational staff member, ensuring that termination of their services is not preceded by a disciplinary penalty, or that they have not been sentenced to a freedom-restricting penalty for a felony or crime against honor and trust. These controls are necessary to ensure that seeking assistance from expertise is in line with the established criteria.

The sources reported that the public education and administrative affairs sectors have considered the option of seeking assistance from Kuwaiti national cadres whose services had ended in the required specializations listed in the local announcement for non-Kuwaitis issued last March.

These specializations include English, French, mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, philosophy, Arabic language, computers, social studies, Islamic education, decoration, and electricity.

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