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Ministry of Education finalizes secondary tests for next week

Approximately 46,000 students are eligible for high school exams across scientific and literary sections, religious education, and adult education centers

  • The ministry started reviewing high school exam applications and set May 1 as the deadline for dropout cases before issuing seating numbers on May 14.

  • Off-schedule tests will be held from May 5 to May 9. Grades will be monitored via the student record system, and sheets withdrawn for review at schools.

The Ministry of Education is preparing schedules for the unified end-of-year tests for secondary grades, which will be officially approved early next week. The number of eligible students for the high school exams has reached approximately 46,000 across scientific and literary sections, religious education, and adult education centers, encompassing both male and female students.

While the ministry’s central control began withdrawing lists of students applying for high school exams from the student record system and reviewing them, the ministry set Wednesday, May 1, as the final date for receiving cases of school dropouts to make the required adjustments before issuing seating numbers to students on the 14th of the same month.

The ministry stated that off-schedule tests will take place from May 5 to May 9. The grades will then be monitored by the student record system, and grade sheets (daily work, practical work, and off-schedule subject tests) will be withdrawn for review at the school.

Additionally, the issuance and monitoring of vertical upload lists for off-schedule subjects will be handled by the student record system. The system in school will close on the 13th of the aforementioned month, after which no modifications to twelfth-grade students’ grades will be allowed.

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