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Ministry of Commerce and Industry launches 24 new services on “Sahl Business”

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has announced the launch of 24 new electronic services on the unified government application for electronic services “Sahl Business.”

In a statement, the Ministry said that the new services are part of a package of services that it has worked to launch in record time to expand the automation, digitization, and improvement of services provided by the Ministry to business owners and companies through the “Sahl Business” government application.

The Ministry explained that the number of services launched has reached 24 services for 5 different departments from various sectors of the Ministry.

The new electronic services for the Real Estate Department include:

  • Certificate of No Objection
  • Renewal of Brokerage License
  • Renewal of Brokerage License Validity
  • Replacement of Brokerage License
  • Lost Brokerage License Replacement
  • License to Publish Real Estate Sale Advertisement Inside/Outside Kuwait for 1 Month
  • License to Publish Real Estate Sale Advertisement Inside/Outside Kuwait for 3 Months
  • Add Real Estate Sale Advertisement to Existing License Inside Kuwait
  • Replacement of Real Estate Resident Certificate
  • Lost Real Estate Resident Certificate Replacement
  • Real Estate Department Requests Follow-up
  • Renewal of Real Estate Resident License

The new services in the Companies Department were:

  • Request for Extract Printing
  • Request for Extract Printing Follow-up
  • Request for Original Copy Printing
  • Request for Original License Copy Printing Follow-up
  • Printing of Commercial Register Visa
  • Commercial Register Visa Requests Follow-up
  • Joining the Reconciliation Committee
  • Reconciliation Committee Requests Follow-up

Two new services have also been created for the Individual Establishments Licenses and Permits Department, namely:

  • Joining the Reconciliation Committee for Individual Establishments
  • Follow-up of License Modification Requests

    In the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Department, the Notifications and Penalties service was launched, in addition to the Inquiring about Violations service under the Commercial Supervision Department.

The Ministry affirmed that these services are only a complement to the services that it began to re-develop and launch during the past weeks, stressing that it is continuing to launch new electronic services through the Sahl government application to improve the business environment and keep pace with the technological transformation witnessed by government sectors and commercial establishments to save time and effort for reviewers from individuals, business owners, and companies.

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