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Ministry collects 435 million dinars in electricity revenue

The “Rationalization Incentive” program has benefitted approximately 4,600 customers, with amounts totaling 121 thousand dinars deposited into their accounts by the minister last week.

On Saturday, the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy inaugurated two customer service offices in the Surra and Ardiya regions. The event was attended by the acting Undersecretary of the Ministry, Eng. Maha Al-Asousi, and the acting Assistant Undersecretary for the Customer Service Sector, Eng. Falah Al-Mutairi.

During the opening ceremony, held under the patronage of the Minister of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, and the Minister of Housing Affairs, Dr. Salem Al-Hajraf, Al-Asousi commended the efforts of workers in the customer service sector for their commitment to opening offices in various regions of Kuwait to better serve citizens.

Al-Asousi stated, “The renovated Al-Ardiya office is characterized by the use of solar energy, with 60 percent of its energy needs being supplied by solar power generated from the panel project installed on the building’s roof.”

She highlighted that this step represents a significant advancement in the field of self-sustainability for offices and ministry facilities through solar energy. She noted that the experiment will be expanded to various customer affairs offices due to its importance in conserving electricity and reducing emissions.

Regarding the ministry’s preparations to meet energy demand during the month of Ramadan, she stated, “The ministry is prepared to meet the demand, and there are no issues expected during the upcoming period, which includes the months of March, April, and May. However, challenges may arise in the summer.” She urged citizens and residents to practice energy conservation by turning off lights in unoccupied areas and reducing air conditioning usage. She emphasized that this practice must become a widespread culture to preserve the country’s resources.

In turn, the acting Assistant Undersecretary for Customer Service, Eng. Falah Al-Mutairi, stated, “The opening of the Ardiya office follows its restoration, as part of a project encompassing 10 offices in the Farwaniya Governorate and 55 offices across all governorates of Kuwait.”

Al-Mutairi added, “The Al-Ardiya office is the first of its kind, operating at 60 percent capacity on solar energy generated by solar panels on the building’s roof.” He emphasized, “This approach will be adopted for all new offices renovated during the next phase.” The initiative will gradually extend to existing offices, with three offices currently undergoing solar panel installations for self-powering.

Al-Mutairi explained, “The ministry obtained 435 million dinars from the beginning of the fiscal year in April 2023 until last February, exceeding 50 percent of the ministry’s debt.” He referred to the ministry’s efforts to collect all amounts owed by customers, including government agencies.

Regarding the “Rationalization Incentive” program, Al-Mutairi urged all citizens to participate, explaining its benefits for both the state and citizens. He noted that approximately 4,600 customers are benefiting from the program, with amounts totaling 121 thousand dinars deposited into their accounts by the minister last week.

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