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Minister Sheikh Firas encourages Ramadan spirit in social care sector

The Minister of Social Affairs, Family, and Childhood Affairs expressed joy participating in the annual iftar tradition fostering that fosters a spirit of love and togetherness

The Minister of Social Affairs, Family, and Childhood Affairs, Sheikh Firas Saud Al-Malik Al-Sabah, emphasized the importance of children, workers, and residents in the social care sector participating in the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan.

This was mentioned in a speech he delivered during his attendance at an iftar celebration organized by the sector in collaboration with the Public Authority for Disabled Affairs for children, inmates, and workers, titled “With Your Presence, Our Breakfast is Sweetened.”

The minister expressed his happiness at participating in this iftar, an annual tradition that fosters a spirit of love and togetherness, embodying the concept of a unified family. The event included elderly men and women, children in foster care, individuals with disabilities, and juveniles.

He praised the efforts of those responsible for organizing this group iftar and commended the beautiful spirit that reflects the atmosphere of the holy month, as well as the values and customs of the authentic Kuwaiti people.

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