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Minister of Commerce imposes temporary ban on export of fresh eggs to ensure local market availability

Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mohammed Al-Aiban, has issued a decision prohibiting the export of fresh eggs abroad. This move aims to ensure a consistent availability of eggs in the local market, considering peak production periods as well as periods of lower production. The decision aims to maintain a steady supply and reasonable prices for eggs, which are regarded as an essential commodity, reported Al-Rai Daily.

According to reliable sources, the ban on exporting fresh eggs abroad includes certain conditions, such as price stability and the availability of sufficient quantities in the local market, during specific times of the year. This measure seeks to strike a balance between meeting local demand and preventing shortages while still allowing limited periods for export.

Cooperative societies, in particular, have been experiencing a shortage of egg supply in recent days due to limited quantities provided to them. Consequently, the Ministry of Commerce swiftly intervened to address the crisis and prevent its escalation. The decision to halt the export of fresh eggs reflects the government’s commitment to prioritize the needs of the domestic market.

By ensuring a sufficient supply and reasonable prices, the Ministry of Commerce aims to safeguard the availability of eggs as a vital staple for consumers. This latest action by the Minister of Commerce and Industry underscores the government’s proactive measures to secure essential commodities and stabilize their prices in the local market. The ban on exporting fresh eggs serves as a temporary measure to address current supply challenges and support the collective welfare of consumers.

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