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MEW racing against time to complete maintenance of production units

The Power Stations Sector in the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy is making great efforts to complete tender projects for the operation and maintenance of electricity production units in a number of power stations, to raise their operational efficiency, in preparation for the next summer season and the coming seasons.

An official source in the Ministry told Al-Rai that the Ministry is keen to complete its tender projects, related to the work of maintaining electricity production and water distillation units, to raise the efficiency of its operational units and to maintain the strength of those production units without decline, calling on the concerned authorities to cooperate with the Ministry regarding Its tenders represent the utmost importance in meeting the country’s needs for electrical energy.

The source stated that “next week, the Ministry will award the recommendation for Tender No. 76 (providing high-efficiency and continuous engineering services for open-cycle gas turbines and their auxiliary equipment at the Subbiya station), to the bidder who meets the conditions and specifications for that tender,” pointing out that the Ministry is awaiting approval.

The Audit Bureau has awarded Tender No. 115 (Alstom units in Al-Zour South Station), in preparation for signing the contract with the winning contractor for this tender.

The ministry pointed out the approval of the Audit Bureau to award Tender No. 122 (engineering services for the open cycle units at the Subbiya station) to the winning contractor, and the Ministry is preparing to sign the contract soon, pointing out that the Ministry, represented by the Power Stations Sector, some time ago, signed the contract for Tender No. 67, for the maintenance work of the North Shuaiba station units.

Speaking of the Tender No. 44 for updating the boilers of the Doha West Station, the report said, “This tender went through difficult stages and with this we will address the Central Agency for Public Tenders to find out its opinion regarding it, especially after the withdrawal of the lowest prices from the competition,” indicating that “the Ministry still stands by its opinion,” by recommending the second lowest bid, despite the Audit Bureau’s rejection of a previous recommendation to award the second lowest price.”

“If the award is rejected a second time by the Bureau, the Ministry has no objection to studying the following bids for awarding the tender to the one who meets the conditions,” said the report.

Regarding the tender for the construction of the Subbiya station (fourth phase), the report said: A meeting was scheduled to be held in the Council of Ministers to discuss the status of the tender and its outcomes, but this meeting was not held, due to the death of Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad, may God rest his soul, pointing out that there is a tendency to support the implementation of the tender.

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