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MEW faces hurdles as it scrambles to secure summer energy supplies

Labor contracts are nearing expiration, maintenance tenders are stalled, and supply tender delays have depleted essential material stockpiles at the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy.

As the Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy (MEW) moves to secure energy supplies for the summer by purchasing electricity from the Gulf Electrical Interconnection Authority, it is facing significant challenges. Informed sources highlight three primary concerns.

Firstly, labor contracts for workers involved in various sectors for operation and maintenance tasks are nearing their expiration dates. Secondly, the progress of power station maintenance and project tenders is being hindered due to the absence of the Central Tenders Committee, which is necessary for obtaining approvals. Lastly, delays in awarding supply tenders have caused essential material stockpiles in some ministry departments to run low.

Sources highlight that these issues, particularly at the onset of the summer season, “pose significant challenges that could severely impact the performance of the ministry’s sectors, especially considering that approvals from regulatory or financial bodies require the Central Tenders Committee’s consent.”

In response to these challenges, the ministry is taking proactive steps and “a meeting is scheduled with the Audit Bureau on Tuesday to discuss these concerns and explore solutions to obtain their approval,” the sources revealed.

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