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Marriage stats issued by MOJ for first week on Jan 2024

The initial figures from the Ministry of Justice department in 2024 reveal that 150 Kuwaiti men and women entered into marriage during the first week. Recent statistics released by the “Sharia Documentation” unit at the Ministry of Justice disclosed that, between January 1 and 7, 2024, a total of 200 individuals from various nationalities tied the knot, with 150 Kuwaitis marrying fellow Kuwaitis.

Data obtained by Al-Qabas detailed that among the Kuwaitis, 4 married Saudi women, 2 wed Syrian women, 2 entered matrimony with Moroccan women, 2 with Asian women, and 2 with American women. Additionally, one Kuwaiti married an Iraqi woman, and another chose a Lebanese partner.

Examining the educational backgrounds of the newlyweds, the statistics indicated that the majority were university graduates, followed by diploma holders, high school graduates, and those with intermediate education. The most common age groups for marriage among Kuwaitis were individuals aged 25 to 29 years and those between 20 and 24 years.

Shifting focus to divorce cases, the statistics reported 150 divorces during the same period, encompassing individuals of various nationalities, with 100 Kuwaiti men and women. Most of these divorces occurred within the first year of marriage, spanning different years.

In the first week of 2024, no divorces were recorded among those who married during that period. Notably, the highest occurrence of divorces among Kuwaitis fell within the age group of 25 to 29 years.
Specifically addressing divorce situations, the data indicated 12 cases at the beginning of the year, along with 18 cases before consummation or legal seclusion.

Moreover, statistics spanning from 2007 to the date of this report revealed that 10,000 Kuwaitis had two wives, 800 had three wives each, and 90 had four wives each.

Summary of Kuwaitis with multiple wives:

  • 10,000 individuals with two wives
  • 800 Kuwaitis with three wives each
  • 90 Kuwaitis with four wives each

Nationality mix in marriages:

  • 4 Kuwaitis married Saudi women
  • 2 Kuwaitis married Syrian women
  • 2 Kuwaitis married Moroccan women
  • 2 Kuwaitis married Asian women
  • 2 Kuwaitis married American women
  • 1 Kuwaiti married an Iraqi woman
  • 1 Kuwaiti married a Lebanese woman

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