LuLu Hypermarket shines with traditional ‘Ramadan Souq’ launch

Embracing the holy month of Ramadan, LuLu Hypermarket launched its eagerly anticipated ‘Ramadan Special’ promotion on February 28, marking the occasion with the grand opening of the traditional ‘Ramadan Souq’ at its Al-Qurain outlet.

The ceremony, graced by esteemed officials from five distinguished charity groups in Kuwait –Namaa Charity, Qawafil Charity, Islamic Care Society, Wasm Ahl Al khair and Al Najad Charity – signaled the commencement of a month-long journey characterized by generosity and unity.

During the event, LuLu Hypermarket unveiled exclusive charity gift cards in collaboration with these humanitarian organizations, empowering patrons to effortlessly contribute to noble causes.

Festive gift cards, available in denominations of KD10, KD25, and KD50, were made accessible at all outlets, offering shoppers the ideal opportunity to spread joy and support during Ramadan.

Furthermore, the hypermarket committed to distributing over 400 free Iftar food kits daily throughout Ramadan, Additionally with a special focus on supporting indigent individuals across Kuwait through a partnership with Namaa Charity.

Enhancing the atmosphere of the ‘Ramadan Souq’ are a variety of promotions and discounts on essential Ramadan items, ranging from delicious foods to household necessities and heartfelt gifts.

Shoppers can explore specially curated Ramadan kits, offered in two options: a standard kit priced at KD10 and a premium kit at KD15. They can also savor convenient Iftar meal counters and immerse themselves in the festive spirit elevated by traditional decorations and impressive displays.

The ‘Ramadan Special’ promotion goes beyond ordinary shopping, providing captivating experiences like the ‘Dates Festival,’ ‘Big TV Majlis,’ and ‘Ramadan Home Fest,’ catering to a range of preferences and needs. Additionally, health-conscious consumers can delve into the ‘Healthy Ramadan’ segment, which offers organic, vegan, and allergen-free options to enrich their fasting journey.

LuLu Hypermarket, as a testament to its steadfast commitment to community engagement, invites patrons of all ages to join in the festivities of the ‘Ramadan Nights’ festival. It promises a blend of entertainment, gastronomic delights, and cultural enrichment for all participants.

Through initiatives such as the ‘Ramadan Special’ promotion, LuLu Hypermarket reaffirms its dedication to enriching the social and religious fabric of the community. Additionally, it aims to provide unparalleled shopping experiences and access to premium products at competitive prices.

LuLu Hypermarket extends a warm invitation to all to join in commemorating the spirit of Ramadan, where tradition seamlessly blends with modernity, and generosity knows no limits.

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