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Lewis-5 Darts Tourney: Noel Reblesa sweeps to victory in Lewis-5 darts tourney

The newly introduced Lewis-5 Darts Tourney kicked off to a grand start with Noel Reblesa being crowned with the green laurel wreath as he swept his way to victory, showcasing himself as one to watch in the future. Playing in front of an excited audience, Noel kept his cool in the finals, emerging from behind to take the last three games in a row after going down in the first. Although Dante had his sword held high, not losing a single game in the preliminary rounds, luck was not in his favor as one could clearly see the nervous demeanor emerge midway through.

In a thrilling 501 international standard rule match, Dante, Noel, Aldin, and Nick reached the semifinals. Dante overcame a fighting Nick while Aldin meekly submitted to Noel. In a superbly contested final that never saw a dull moment, it was back to business again for Noel, firing on all cylinders. However, a resilient Dante snatched the first game, with both players reaching the outage but Dante held his nerve to immediately finish with an accurate double one strike. In the second game, Noel found his rhythm and started proceedings in sonic boom style with a 140-pointer, following it up with 125. Dante, normally cool and composed, ended up a bundle of nerves and trailed by 240 points midway through the second game. Noel then quickly reached double digits with a well-struck 95 and then quickly down to 34 to finish on the double ring with a double 17. That’s where things fell apart for Dante, and recovery seemed a distant dream with the rampant Noel striking over 60 in continuous succession.

Dante started off proceedings in the third game, but Noel, once again, came up with a booming 100 and in the sixth throw, the scores stood at Dante = 320 and Noel = 375. Noel then reared up from behind with a masterly 125, but Dante countered with 100. It was low scoring after that with Noel down to the 40 double ring first with Dante close on 78. Noel then, without much ado, cleared the ring with a double 20, taking the third game. Cometh the fourth game, proceedings started off slowly with both players in the low scoring area until things picked up with a 100 from Noel, countered with an 81 from Dante. From then on, it was Noel all the way and in the seventh throw, the scores stood at Noel = 98, Dante = 245. At this point, victory seemed a distant dream and Noel sealed the day with a confident strike on the 20 on the double ring, thus taking the title.

The chief guest was senior heart surgeon Dr. Bojan Gulic and Mrs. Gulic, who enjoyed the proceedings, giving away the trophies and the cash awards to the winner and the runner-up.

In the growing world of darts, the organizers assured that there would be more such tournaments, and the need to promote darts in Kuwait is being given high priority.

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