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Kuwait’s Prime Minister vows global pursuit to recover stolen funds

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Sabah stated, “We not only seek to hold accountable those who have misappropriated public funds but also endeavor to recover all embezzled money.”

His Highness Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Sabah, Kuwait’s Prime Minister underscored the paramount importance of combating corruption and safeguarding public funds.

This statement was made during a meeting on Wednesday with students from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences at Kuwait University, hosted at the University of Sabah Al-Salem.

The Prime Minister highlighted the unveiling of the largest corruption case, pertaining to the army fund. Additionally, the government has presented a new report regarding incidents in Kuwaiti military offices abroad, and we did not stop there, as the steps and procedures continue to combat corruption and protect public money.

He further added, Not only do we punish those who have misappropriated public funds, but we also strive to recover all the embezzled money. This involves filing cases in multiple countries to reclaim public funds.

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