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Kuwait’s late Amir leaves great legacy of solidarity for future generations

The late Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah left a great legacy of national solidarity, which will be remembered by the future generations.

The late Sheikh Nawaf’s wise words will always be ingrained in stone as he was always stressed the importance of the Kuwaiti people’s role in preserving their country, its security and stability and not harming its national unity.

He has always been keen to remember the necessity of cooperation between the state’s authorities, which he considered the base of a successful national action as it helps reach further progress and achievements, and to avoid slowing Kuwait’s development.

He also stressed the importance of maintaining a calm and purposeful dialogue without insults or accusations, as well as seek accuracy to find the truth.

The late Amir has always prioritized the youth and called for opening future horizons to qualify them with the best modern scientific and academic means and instill authentic cultural values, as they are the future of the Kuwaiti development.

He affirmed his pride in Kuwait’s constitution and its democratic approach, stressing the need to strengthen Kuwait’s stability, security and safety of the citizens and protect their lives and property.

The late Amir has passed away, but his wise words remain present and will pass down through generation. (KUNA)

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