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Kuwait’s economic reset imminent

Kuwait has the potential to catch up with its Gulf neighbors in economic diversification and foreign investment attraction. Kuwait's economy appears attractive on the surface, with a strong dinar and a high GDP per capita, ranked among 25 richest countries.

• A timeframe of no more than four years is needed to suspend some constitutional provisions to implement economic and financial reforms.

• However, economic forecasts for Kuwait are uncertain due to geopolitical tensions, slowing major economies, and oil price volatility.

• There is hope in Vision 2035. It aims to implement major economic reforms, diversify the economy, transform into a financial and commercial center, and attract more foreign investment in vital sectors such as IT, renewable energy, electricity,water, tourism, healthcare, and education.

The Middle East Institute has affirmed that Kuwait is capable of catching up with its Gulf neighbors in terms of economic diversification and foreign investment attraction.

In a report on Kuwait, the institute stated that by setting a timeframe of no more than four years to suspend some constitutional provisions, the time has come to reset Kuwait’s economic path.

The Middle East Institute believes Kuwait can achieve this. They acknowledge the strength of the Kuwaiti dinar. Additionally, Kuwait is ranked among the 25 richest countries in terms of GDP per capita, according to the World Bank.

However, they also warn of the uncertainty surrounding the economy. Previous forecasts from the World Bank indicate a potential slowdown, further complicated by geopolitical tensions and a volatile oil market.

A time for action

The Middle East Institute emphasizes the urgency of reform. They point to a warning from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that delays in implementing financial and economic reforms could have serious consequences.

These consequences include fiscal mismanagement, a decline in foreign investor confidence, and a stalling of economic diversification efforts.

Al-Qabas newspaper stated that the report also highlights the importance of passing a new debt law. This law would streamline budget financing and promote the development of a strong domestic debt market in Kuwait.

Vision 2035: A new path forward

Kuwait Vision 2035 offers a roadmap for the country’s economic future. The plan calls for major economic reforms, diversification of the economy beyond oil, and a transformation into a leading financial and commercial center.

This vision hinges on attracting foreign investment in vital sectors like information technology, renewable energy, and education.

By implementing these reforms and seizing the current opportunity, Kuwait has the potential to reset its economic course and join its Gulf neighbors as a major player in the region.

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