Kuwaitization Program to create 1,211 jobs in oil companies by 2024

According to data obtained by Al-Anbaa, significant progress is being made to implement the Kuwaitization program for contractor contracts at the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries. The data reveals that the program aims to Kuwaitize a total of 1,211 jobs across five oil companies by the end of 2024. The analysis highlights that the Kuwait Oil Company has the largest number of jobs subject to Kuwaitization, with approximately 629 positions.

It is followed by the Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) with around 507 jobs, the Kuwait National Petroleum Company with 46 positions, the Kuwaiti Industry Company Petrochemicals with 28, and finally, the Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC) with only one available position. Among the oil companies, the Kuwait Gulf Oil Company and Kuwait Petroleum International are actively working on developing an employment plan to ensure the hiring of Kuwaiti workers in alignment with their contracts under the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

Employees under contractor contracts in the oil sector receive various benefits such as social bonuses and children’s bonuses, which are granted in accordance with specific rules and regulations set by the workforce restructuring program and the state’s executive apparatus. It is important to note that these bonuses are separate from the employees’ wages. Furthermore, employees in certain regions, known as Region 2, are eligible for a site grant, while those in Region 3 receive different benefits like an annual travel ticket for the worker and one spouse. The value of this ticket is 200 dinars per person and is granted after completing one uninterrupted year of work.

Kuwaiti workers who display excellent performance and discipline at work receive an annual incentive bonus equivalent to a maximum of their net monthly salary. Additionally, an immediate bonus, not exceeding one month’s salary, may be granted by the contractor with written approval from the company. Within the framework of Kuwaitization, Kuwaiti workers are offered corresponding wages based on their job grade and location, which includes various allowances such as road transportation allowance and nature of work. However, workers are responsible for their social insurance contributions.

Other benefits enjoyed by Kuwaiti workers within the contracts include medical insurance, provided by the contractor within 30 days of signing the employment contract. The annual cost of this insurance should not exceed 250 dinars and must cover the worker and their family members. Additionally, Kuwaiti workers are entitled to an annual leave of 42 days. Lastly, at the end of their contracts, Kuwaiti workers who have received a performance evaluation of no less than good are entitled to an allowance equivalent to half a month’s salary for each continuous year of service. This allowance is paid once at the end of the contract period, and the company compensates the contractor accordingly.

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