Kuwaiti students excel in Arabic language competition

Students from the Ministry of Education in Kuwait have achieved remarkable success in the Arabic Language Competition held in the Emirate of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The competition, which took place from the Feb 17 to Fen 21 saw Kuwaiti students clinch three medals.

Youssef Muhammad Al-Asfour, a twelfth-grade student from the Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait Religious Institute, secured the gold medal, showcasing his exceptional proficiency in the Arabic language; Dalal Anwar Al-Anzi, also in twelfth grade and representing Mariah Al-Qibtiya High School, won the silver medal and Lulwah Ali Majeed, a twelfth-grade student from Fatima Bint Asad High School won the bronze with her impressive performance.

The Arabic Language Competition, held biennially, brings together students from member states of the Arab Education Bureau for the Gulf States. Organized under the supervision of the Educational Center for the Arabic Language for the Gulf States, the competition aims to foster a sense of loyalty and belonging to the Arabic language among students.

The success of these Kuwaiti students not only highlights their dedication and hard work but also underscores Kuwait’s commitment to promoting excellence in Arabic language education. Their achievements serve as an inspiration to their peers and reflect positively on the educational standards upheld by the Ministry of Education in Kuwait.

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