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Kuwaiti security forces block solidarity gathering for Gaza

Security forces in Kuwait prevented a planned solidarity gathering for Gaza scheduled for Saturday afternoon. The gathering, intended to take place at “Al-Erada Square,” was deemed illegal by the authorities due to the lack of a permit.

Security personnel blocked access to the square and surrounding roads with patrols and heavy security presence. A limited number of citizens, estimated to be around 30 men and women, arrived at the location only to be denied entry and were informed that the gathering was against the law. Security personnel emphasized the need for prior authorization and stressed that they would not tolerate any unauthorized gatherings.

Organizers of the event, including the head of the Women’s Cultural and Social Association, Lulua Al-Mulla, expressed their disappointment and reiterated their belief that the “Al-Erada Square” represents the freedom of expression in Kuwait. They urged the Ministry of Interior to reconsider its decision and allow such gatherings in the future.

Meanwhile, Hammad Al-Numsi, another organizer, voiced his disapproval of the security measures and emphasized the legal right to peaceful assembly. He announced plans to organize another gathering next Wednesday, details of which would be communicated later.

The Ministry of Interior has issued a statement emphasizing the need for permits for gatherings and marches, citing directives from the Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Minister of Interior, Sheikh Fahad Al-Youssef. According to the directives of Minister Al-Youssef, “it is forbidden to hold gatherings or marches except in accordance with the laws and regulations established.” The Ministry would initiate the arrest of any resident who is present in sit-ins or solidarity stands, and immediately refer him for deportation.

The Ministry appealed to the public to adhere to the established laws and regulations and refrain from participating in or promoting unauthorized gatherings through social media channels. They further confirmed that no permit was issued for the aforementioned gathering and urged everyone to comply with the relevant regulations.

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