Kuwait witnesses first full moon of the year 2024

Al-Ajiri Scientific Center has announced that Kuwait is experiencing the first full moon of the year on Thursday. This full moon corresponds to the month of Rajab 1445 AH and is referred to as the “full moon 08.55 pm.” According to a statement from the center to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), the moon’s disk is now fully round and will rise immediately after sunset, remaining visible in the sky throughout the night until it sets with the sunrise the following morning.

The moon will shine bright and its brilliance will be complete. The center also mentioned that the moon will be in conjunction with a star cluster known as “the Beehive”. This star cluster is one of the nearest open clusters to the sun and Earth, and it contains a larger number of stars compared to other neighboring clusters. Enthusiasts and stargazers are encouraged by the center to observe this celestial phenomenon using a small telescope and special filters to block out the bright moonlight.

Source: Q8press

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