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Kuwait takes steps to improve services by abolishing local agent requirement

According to credible sources, a decree has been issued in Kuwait to amend the Public Tenders Law, effectively eliminating the requirement for a local agent. This decision, which was approved by the National Assembly in December of last year, aims to open up opportunities for increased competition in the country, reported Al-Rai Daily.

The move is expected to have a positive impact on enhancing the quality of services provided in both commercial sectors and government tender offerings. The decision to abolish the local agent requirement comes as part of Kuwait’s efforts to foster a more competitive business environment and stimulate economic growth.

By removing this requirement, the door is widened for a wider variety of businesses and service providers to participate in tenders and offer their services directly, without the need for a local intermediary. This change is expected to encourage greater innovation, efficiency, and quality in services delivered throughout the country.

The local agent requirement had previously been introduced as a means to regulate and oversee foreign businesses operating in Kuwait. However, it was widely acknowledged that this requirement created unnecessary hurdles and restrictions for businesses, potentially hindering competition and limiting the availability of specialized services.

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