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Kuwait strives to catch up with free gas exporters

Kuwait is making rapid progress in its efforts to become a major player in the production and export of natural gas. The country is no longer content with just being a spectator in the regional energy race but aims to meet the increasing demand for gas both locally and globally. According to a reliable source in the oil industry, Kuwait has achieved a significant milestone in its strategy for producing free non-associated gas, reported Al-Qabas Daily.

The Kuwait Oil Company has successfully commenced operations at the last Jurassic production stations, JPF 4 and JPF 5, located in northern Kuwait. These stations are adding 320 million cubic feet per day of associated gas and 100 thousand barrels per day of light oil to Kuwait’s gas production capacity.

Gas production in Kuwait is set to increase as part of the country’s strategy to achieve self-sufficiency in gas and become an exporter. Joining the exporters’ club will have a positive impact on Kuwait’s economy, especially given the current rise in energy prices, particularly gas. The implementation of gas projects is a complex process, requiring continuous work and high efficiency.

However, the Kuwait Oil Company has successfully completed the construction of the Jurassic production stations on schedule, without any major incidents or changes to the contracts signed with contractors. Kuwait’s Petroleum Corporation and its subsidiaries are focused on utilizing gas resources for energy production. This strategy aims to reduce the costs of importing gas from abroad.

The oil sector is determined to increase natural gas production in line with the country’s 2040 strategy to meet growing energy demands. It is noteworthy that Kuwait and Saudi Arabia signed a memorandum of understanding to develop the Dorra field, with the goal of producing one billion standard cubic feet per day of gas and 84 thousand barrels of condensate per day, divided equally between the two countries.

The source revealed that the operation of the Jurassic production stations, JPF 4 and JPF 5, faced a delay of 40 months due to approval delays from the Central Agency for Public Tenders. These delays had a significant impact on the schedule of completing the stations.

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