Kuwait Stock Exchange indices experience varied performance

During the fourth trading session, the Kuwait Stock Exchange witnessed fluctuations in its main indices. While the general and primary market indices incurred losses, the main market index saw gains. Notably, liquidity surged, largely driven by KFH stock, which dominated 48 percent of transactions.

The general market index closed with a 0.26 percent loss, totaling 7,331.26 points, despite significant liquidity of 82.2 million dinars. KFH stock, a focal point during the auction period, experienced a 6 fils decrease with liquidity amounting to 38.2 million dinars. In total, 268 shares were traded through 14,546 transactions, with 52 gaining, 61 losing, and 16 remaining unchanged, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Conversely, the Premier Market Index experienced a 0.35 percent decline, ending at 8,040.95 points, accompanied by liquidity totaling 66.6 million dinars. Trading activity included 137.4 million shares through 7,649 transactions, where 9 shares gained, 20 lost, and 4 remained unchanged.

On a positive note, the main market index rose by 0.16 percent, reaching 5,990.97 points, with liquidity amounting to 15.6 million dinars. Trading involved 130.5 million shares through 6,897 transactions, with 43 shares gaining, 41 losing, and 12 settling unchanged.

International market pressures, particularly influenced by the decline in US market indicators and higher-than-expected inflation data for January, have impacted Kuwait’s market performance. Notably, leading stocks like KFH, Watani, Agility, Zain, and Boubyan faced losses, whereas Kuwait Real Estate, Investments, Human Soft, Mabanee, and Warba Bank witnessed gains.

Despite some shares within the Kamco Group, Projects, Burgan Bank, and United groups facing weaknesses, others like Kuwaiti real estate and IFA Hotels experienced gains.

The Emirati stock showed positive growth alongside Future Kids, while most GCC market indices ended with moderate increases except for a limited loss in the Kuwait Stock Exchange general index, coinciding with oil prices nearing $83 per standard barrel of Brent.

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