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Kuwait still among top 10 cities with high air pollution despite end of recent fog wave

Kuwait City remains one of the top ten cities with air pollution globally, according to the international Air Quality Index (AQI), despite the end of the recent strong wave of fog. This ranking is based on standards that differ from those set by the Environment Public Authority and other local bodies, reported Al-Rai Daily.

An official website dedicated to measuring pollution levels in Kuwait’s air revealed this alarming data. According to environmental activist Saad Al-Hayyan, the continued air pollution in Kuwait can be attributed to several factors. One of them is the lack of a clear plan and vision to increase vegetation cover, which would help mitigate pollution.

Furthermore, Al-Hayyan emphasizes the need for better connectivity and coordination regarding the examination of polluting cars and exhaust systems. This lack of regulation and enforcement contributes to the deteriorating air quality in the city. Another contributing factor identified by Al-Hayyan is the non-usage of renewable energy sources.

The reliance on non-renewable energy raises pollution levels and exacerbates the existing air quality problems. Additionally, waste dumps remaining open and the increasing desertification and sand encroachment in Kuwait further worsen the pollution situation. Al-Hayyan highlights that Kuwait is bound by international agreements and treaties on carbon emissions. Therefore, it is crucial for the country to address these issues and take necessary steps for environmental preservation.

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