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Kuwait opens all visit visas from Wednesday

Based on the instructions of the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense and Acting Minister of Interior Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef, and in order to stimulate the commercial, economic and tourism movement in the country and taking into account the social aspects, it was decided to open the issuance of entry visas for the visit in accordance with the following controls:

1 – Visit entry visa (family): – It is granted to the father, mother, wife and children, provided that the salary of the breadwinner is not less than (400) Kuwaiti dinars, while for the rest of the relatives, the salary of the breadwinner is not less than (800) Kuwaiti dinars.

This requires the approval of some of the terms and conditions that must be met to issue the visit, which are as follows: • Provide a round-trip ticket on the airlines of the national airlines (national carrier).

• A written undertaking not to demand the conversion of such visits into residency in the country.

• A pledge to abide by the duration of the visit.

• The treatment of the visitor will be in private hospitals and health centers and treatment will not be allowed in government hospitals.

• In the event that the visitor violates the period of stay prescribed for him, each of the (visitor – sponsor) will be listed by the General Directorate of Residency Affairs Investigation with the security control system, where the violator is followed up by the General Directorate of Residency Affairs Investigation and the legal procedures followed for violators of the Foreigners’ Residence Law are applied.

2 – Entry visa (commercial): • Issued at the request of a Kuwaiti company or institution and granted to persons holding university or technical qualifications in proportion to the company’s activity and the nature of its work.

3 – Visit entry visa (tourist): • For people belonging to (53) countries, where it is granted to them, whether from the port of entry directly upon arrival in the country or through the electronic visa by entering the (Ministry of Interior website) http://moi.gov.kw.

• For residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, where entry visas for tourism are issued to persons with professions specified in Ministerial Resolution No. (2008/2030) and its amendments, and in accordance with the controls and requirements specified in the aforementioned ministerial decision.

• Through hotels and companies that have an automatic link with the General Administration of Accommodation Affairs system in accordance with the requirements followed for this.

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