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Kuwait Municipality replaces building accessibility table with updated standards

The Municipality Council's Committee for People with Disabilities has made significant progress in ensuring an accessible environment for people with special needs in Kuwait.

• Table No. 15, previously attached to Ministerial Resolution No. 206 of 2009 and outlining requirements for people with disabilities in buildings, has been cancelled.

• The Committee recommends replacing the table with an “Accessibility Table” based on the general design approved by the Public Authority for Disability Affairs. This table will consider the specific use of each building.

The Municipality Council’s Committee for People with Disabilities, chaired by Engineer Farah Al-Romi, announced the cancellation of Table No. 15 in a press release.

The table, which was previously included in building code regulations, outlined requirements for facilitating movement and access for people with disabilities within buildings throughout Kuwait.

Q8-Press reports, Engineer Al-Romi highlighted the Committee’s belief that people with disabilities are active members of society.

She stressed the importance of removing obstacles and creating an accessible environment to ensure equal access to services and achieve social justice.

This can be accomplished by rehabilitating buildings and facilities to accommodate the needs of people with disabilities and promoting their integration into society.

Engineer Sharifah Al-Shalfan, the Committee Rapporteur, echoed these sentiments.

She stated that the approval to replace the existing table reflects the Committee’s commitment to social integration for people with disabilities and the importance of building rehabilitation efforts.

She expressed appreciation to all those who contributed to the development and inclusion of the Accessibility Table in building regulations.

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