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Kuwait MPs unveil ambitious cooperation roadmap with PM

The MPs devised a strategy with the incoming government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmed Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah, prioritizing crucial areas like improving citizens' living standards and selecting competent ministers.

  • Right after Sheikh Ahmed Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah was appointed as Prime Minister by the Amiri order, MPs stressed the importance of the government presenting a realistic work program that fulfills reform requirements and tackles essential issues.

The MPs outlined a cooperation plan with the incoming government, focusing on key priorities such as enhancing the living standards of the citizens and appointing qualified ministers.

Immediately after the issuance of the Amiri order appointing Sheikh Ahmed Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah as Prime Minister, the MPs emphasized the government’s need to present a realistic work program that meets reform requirements and addresses the necessary issues.

MP Saleh Ashour expressed his hope that the government formation would include competent ministers capable of effectively managing the country in the upcoming phase, with a strong focus on addressing the needs of citizens and improving their quality of life.

MP Badr Nashmi conveyed a message to Amir, stating, “Sheikh Ahmed Al-Abdullah, cooperation, achievement, citizens’ interests, and enhancing their lives will determine our level of cooperation. Those who seek advice from others are the fortunate ones.”

Meanwhile, MP Muhalhal Al-Mudhaf criticized the potential inclusion of “past figures who had failed in ministerial roles, cautioning against a government that fails to steer political progress in the right direction.”

MP Fayez Al-Jumhur stated, “The gauge of cooperation between the council and the government lies in enhancing citizens’ living standards and appointing competent ministers capable of fulfilling their duties.”

In her remarks, MP Dr. Jinan Bushahri mentioned that Sheikh Ahmed Al-Abdullah has ample time to carefully select competent ministers who demonstrate their commitment to the constitution through actions, possess the capacity to handle political responsibilities, and comprehend the seriousness of unresolved and stagnant issues.

MP Miteb Al-Jalal emphasized, “We all need to collaborate to achieve this goal. The Prime Minister should select technocratic ministers based on merit, not quotas, individuals capable of fulfilling the aspirations of the Kuwaiti people and prioritizing the enhancement of their quality of life.”

MP Dr. Badr Al-Mulla urged Sheikh Ahmed Al-Abdullah to “focus on carefully selecting his ministerial team and developing a realistic program centered around two key issues: combating corruption, maintaining public finances, and enhancing citizens’ well-being.”

In turn, MP Anwar Al-Fikr remarked that the new prime minister must address two critical issues without delay or procrastination: enhancing people’s lives and safeguarding national identity by extending judicial authority over nationality matters.

MP Muhammad Al-Raqib emphasized that “our cooperation is aimed at benefiting the nation and its citizens, starting with the selection of competent ministers, followed by the approval of laws to enhance citizens’ lives and the completion of legislative and political reforms.”

MP Badr Sayyar stated, “We have stepped forward to represent the nation solely for the purpose of cooperation and serving the nation and its citizens. However, if the government intends to use the improvement of living conditions as a bargaining chip, such as by raising gasoline prices, we are prepared for confrontation.”

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