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Kuwait jumps in global corruption perceptions index, ranking 63rd globally and 4th in the Arab World

In a significant development, Kuwait has climbed from 77th place to 63rd place in the global ranking of the Global Corruption Perceptions Index for the year 2023, according to the Anti-Corruption Authority “Nazaha”.

This advancement has propelled Kuwait four places higher in the index compared to the previous year. The Global Corruption Perceptions Index, produced by Transparency International, measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in countries around the world. The index considers various factors to determine rankings, such as bribery, embezzlement, and abuse of power.

Kuwait’s improved ranking is a positive sign, signaling progress in the country’s efforts to combat corruption. The latest ranking places Kuwait at 63rd globally and fourth in the Arab world, a significant jump from its previous positions of 77th globally and seventh in the Arab world in the 2022 index.

The Anti-Corruption Authority “Nazaha” has been actively working to reinforce transparency, integrity, and good governance in Kuwait. Its efforts, along with other relevant institutions, have contributed to the improved perception of corruption in the country. This progress reflects the commitment of Kuwait’s government to combating corruption and promoting accountability.

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