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Kuwait Investment Authority advances Abdali Warehouses Project

The Kuwait Investment Authority(KIA) is extending the preparatory phase of the Abdali Warehouses and Northern Border Crossings Project by one year.

• The project is part of the development plan and aims to establish a logistics hub in the north of Kuwait.

• The initial capital of the project is expected to reach 154 million dinars and is measured to be completed by 2036.

The Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) is taking steps forward with the development of the Abdali Warehouses and Northern Border Crossings Project, a significant initiative aimed at establishing a major logistics hub in northern Kuwait.

Extension of preparatory phase

While the project is part of the country’s long-term development plan, recent developments indicate an adjustment to the timeline.

Informed sources at Al-Qabas newspaper revealed that an internal document issued by the KIA mentions a one-year extension for the preparatory phase. This extension pushes the completion date to March 31, 2026.

The document cites the lack of meetings by the project’s founding committee during the previous period as the primary reason for the delay.

This lack of progress has hindered the KIA’s ability to finalize preparations necessary for initiating project implementation.

Project goals and funding

The Abdali Warehouses and Northern Border Crossings Project has been included in Kuwait’s development plans for several years.

It aims to create a strategic logistics center that caters to the domestic Kuwaiti market while also serving as a gateway to the vast Iraqi market.

This project capitalizes on the growing demand for logistics services and the potential for growth in manufacturing industries.

The project’s initial capital is estimated to reach 154 million Kuwaiti dinars. The KIA will collaborate with the Ministry of Finance to determine the land lease agreement and rental value.

Additionally, the KIA will work with various government agencies to secure the necessary licenses and permits for project completion.

Project scope and timeline

Law No. 5 of 2008 formally established the framework for the project. By 2036, the Abdali project is envisioned to encompass a vast area of 12.7 square kilometers.

This area will be meticulously divided to accommodate various functionalities:

  • 10 square kilometres will be dedicated to light and medium industries, providing space for businesses to operate and grow.
  • A designated 3 square kilometres will cater to logistics tenants, ensuring efficient storage and distribution.
  • Approximately 1.4 square kilometres will be allocated for the development of essential roads and infrastructure to support the smooth operation of the entire project.
  • The remaining area will be strategically divided to include housing for resident workers, office spaces, hotels, parking lots, and other facilities that contribute to a well-rounded and functional logistics hub.

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