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Kuwait International Airport records increase in passenger and aircraft traffic in 2023

According to the General Administration of Civil Aviation, the total passenger movement to and from Kuwait International Airport in 2023 reached 15,616,800 passengers. This marked a notable 26 percent increase in passenger traffic compared to the previous year, reported Al-Jarida Daily.

Similarly, there was a 23% rise in aircraft traffic, and air cargo traffic increased by 3 percent during the same period. Acting Director General of Civil Aviation, Imad Al-Jalawi, announced these figures, emphasizing the airport’s growing importance as a hub for travelers. He stated that the movement of arriving passengers in 2023 amounted to 7,932,222 passengers, while the movement of departing passengers reached 7,684,578 passengers.

In terms of aircraft operations, a total of 128,584 flights were operated to and from Kuwait International Airport in 2023, in contrast to 104,147 flights recorded in 2022. This substantial increase highlights the airport’s role in facilitating air travel to various destinations.

Regarding air cargo movement, Al-Jalawi revealed that approximately 210 million kilograms of cargo were transported through the airport in 2023. Of this total, incoming freight accounted for around 170 million kilograms, while outgoing freight amounted to approximately 40.3 million kilograms.

These statistics underscore the strong growth and sustained development of Kuwait International Airport. With its rising passenger numbers, increased aircraft traffic, and significant cargo movement, the airport continues to play a vital role in connecting Kuwait with the rest of the world and supporting the country’s transportation infrastructure.

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