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Kuwait Fire Force battles 1,476 fire incidents in first half of 2024

Farwaniya Governorate led with 259 fires, followed by Ahmadi with 233, Capital with 231, Jahra with 226, and Hawalli with 191 fires.

  • In the first six months of 2024, Kuwait Fire Force responded to 354 fires in residential facilities, 166 in non-residential facilities, and 597 other fires. They also handled 2,914 rescue cases, including ten false alarms.

  • The Kuwait Fire Force’s decisive actions and procedures have contributed to a reduction in fires in industrial areas and construction sites.

Brigadier Muhammad Al-Gharib, Director of the Public Relations Department of the Kuwait Fire Force, informed Al-Anbaa newspaper that the force responded to 1,476 fires in the first half of 2024, spanning from January 1 to June 30.

He highlighted that Farwaniya Governorate recorded the highest number of fires with 259 incidents, followed by Ahmadi Governorate with 233 fires, the Capital Governorate with 231 fires, Jahra Governorate with 226 fires, and Hawalli Governorate with 191 fires. Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate recorded the least with 183 fires, ranking sixth.

Brigadier Al-Gharib addressed the classification of fires into residential, non-residential, and other locations, noting that there were 354 fires in residential facilities, 166 fires in non-residential facilities, and 597 other fires.

He added that the remaining fires occurred in sea and land transportation, with 367 fires in vehicles and other mechanisms on the roads, and five fires in marine environments.

He emphasized that the Kuwait Fire Force places special importance on rescue operations and strives to respond promptly to all received reports.

Al-Gharib noted that in the first six months of 2024, the force handled 2,914 rescue cases, with ten reports turning out to be false alarms.

He highlighted that the total number of incidents handled, including fires, rescue operations, and other accidents, reached 7,735 reports.

Al-Gharib stressed that the Kuwait Fire Force has significantly reduced response times through a precise strategy overseen by the acting head of the force, Major General Khaled Abdullah Fahd.

Brigadier Al-Gharib emphasized that the fines imposed on violators, which can reach up to 50 thousand dinars, and administrative closures are negligible compared to the potential loss of life or injury resulting from non-compliance with safety and prevention requirements.

He highlighted that the Kuwait Fire Force’s decisive actions and procedures have contributed to a reduction in fires in industrial areas and construction sites. Al-Gharib noted that inspection teams operate round the clock to fulfill their responsibilities.

He added that the prevention sector administratively closed 345 facilities across Kuwait’s six governorates in the first half of this year.

The Capital Governorate had the highest number of closures with 106 facilities, followed by Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate with 61. Al-Gharib pointed out that the prevention sector recorded 2,617 violations, including both plots and units.

Regarding the most important causes of fires, Brigadier Al-Gharib stated that electrical short circuits and children playing are responsible for a significant number of incidents. He emphasized the importance of having fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and gas detectors, particularly in private residences.

Al-Gharib urged household heads to install these safety devices to safeguard themselves, their children, and their property from fire hazards.

He highlighted the project aimed at linking fire systems in buildings with firefighting operations, which enhances life and property protection and promotes community security in the country.

Al-Gharib noted that the project is divided into three categories: modern buildings that are easily accessible and manageable, old buildings equipped with firefighting systems that need updating to align with the new standards, and buildings lacking systems that require installation of new systems.

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