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Kuwait explores brine shrimp production for economic benefits

Dr. Abdullah Al-Zaidan, Deputy Director General of the The Public Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries Resources (PAAAFR) for Technical Affairs, revealed to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) the significance of brine shrimp, crustaceans thriving in saltwater environments, for Kuwait’s ecosystem. These shrimp, found in both land and coastal areas, including salt sabkhas, have attracted attention for their ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions and their role in maintaining biodiversity.

Al-Zaidan highlighted ongoing efforts in collaboration with the Scientific Center to study and cultivate these shrimp domestically. The aim is twofold: to safeguard biodiversity and leverage their resilience to bolster Kuwait’s ecological resilience, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Brine shrimp, which can remain dormant for extended periods until favorable conditions arise, play a crucial role in aquatic ecosystems. Their presence in large numbers in locations like the Jahra Nature Reserve and southern ponds underscores the suitability of Kuwait’s environment for their proliferation.

These shrimp, typically 15 millimeters in length, exhibit unique behaviors such as swimming upside down and feeding on algae and phytoplankton. Their ability to thrive in high-salinity environments and adapt to predation makes them vital components of Kuwait’s ecological balance.

Moreover, brine shrimp serve as a crucial food source for various species, including birds like flamingos, insects, fish, and other crustaceans. Their economic significance extends to their use as feed for coral reefs, fish larvae, and other aquatic organisms, contributing to Kuwait’s fisheries industry.

Al-Zaidan emphasized the importance of preserving and sustaining brine shrimp populations to maintain environmental equilibrium and enhance Kuwait’s economic prospects. As research continues, the exploration of these shrimp holds promise for both ecological conservation and economic development in Kuwait.

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