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Kuwait allows general practitioners to practice in private clinics

The Ministry of Health emphasized the critical significance of these regulations in upholding the quality and safety standards of healthcare services across Kuwait.

The Kuwait Ministry of Health has announced a series of groundbreaking decisions, revolutionizing the licensing conditions for medical practice in both public and private sectors.

Key changes

Physicians with a general practitioner license are now permitted to work in private clinics, health centers, and medical centers. They can also practice in private hospitals, specifically in the emergency department, outpatient clinics, or general medical specialty wards, under the supervision of a senior physician. However, they are not authorized to perform specialized surgeries.

Physicians and dentists aged 65 and above must undergo a medical examination before their license can be renewed, with this examination repeated every two years thereafter.

For eligibility for promotion to a higher level within the private medical sector, physicians and dentists must accrue 100 continuing medical education units from a program accredited by the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialties.

Private health facilities are required to adhere to quality and infection prevention standards. Additionally, their social media accounts must be supervised by the Ministry of Health.

Private hospitals and medical centers offering same-day surgery must acquire international accreditation in healthcare quality.

The use of lasers and other equipment requires a special permit from the Radiation Protection Department.

The Ministry of Health stressed the importance of these regulations in ensuring the quality and safety of healthcare services in Kuwait. It emphasized that employing physicians, nurses, or other healthcare professionals without a license from the ministry is prohibited. Moreover, the accommodation of patients or performing any surgical or invasive procedures in healthcare facilities not authorized to do so is strictly prohibited.

The Ministry of Health urged all healthcare providers to adhere to the new regulations.

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